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Areas of application

Climate Shield extends your renovation intervals

Climate SHield


Regulating room climate /
ideal humidity

Climate Shield for indoor use is adjusted for an optimal regulation of humidity in each room. During increased humidity in the summer months the membrane creates evaporative cooling and thus provides a form of free air conditioning.

area derivation
area derivation

The ideal temperature is reached when it is not noticed - neither too hot, nor too cold. During the cold months the special ceramic structure of the wall paint radiates heat into the room similar to a tiled stove.

heat distribution
Uniform temperature distribution

The fast distribution of energy over the entire wall and its radiation throughout a large area, increases the feel-good factor. High temperature differences within a room can be significantly reduced. A hot head and cold feet while the heat is turned on fully are now things of the past.

Mold prevention
Mold prevention

Climate Shield reduces condensation and prevents mold growth as a consequence. The heat distribution at the surface is improved thereby compensating thermal bridges and reducing the formation of condensate.

Also ideal for
allergy sufferers

Also ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. No allergenic chemicals are used or released. The coating is emission-free. The solvent used is pure water.


Sustainable protection / dehumidification

Also ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. No allergenic chemicals are used or released. The coating is emission-free. The solvent used is pure water.

power consumption
Lower energy consumption

The special composition ensures drier walls and therefore better thermal insulation of the walls. A property especially beneficial when renovating old buildings. In addition, temperature fluctuations are compensated more efficiently.

Optical stability
even after years

Facades and walls remain pristine even after many years. Due to the excellent robustness and elasticity of the coating, micro-cracks, which lead to moisture penetration, and the appearance of algae and moss can be significantly reduced.

In addition, Climate Shield reduces the electrostatic charge of coated surfaces, and prevents the deposition of dirt particles.

monument protection
Protection of historic buildings

As a vapor-permeable (breathable) coating, Climate Shield can be applied to any masonry. Improved surface elasticity prevents cracking.

It withstands environmental pollution such as exhaust fumes, acids and salts. Renovation intervals are thereby significantly extended.

wood protection

For outdoor wood, Climate Shield also offers a high-tech coating.

Climate Shield Wood reduces swelling and shrinkage with high elasticity and resilience. This delays the aging process of the wood.

industrial application

office container
Good indoor climate in work and office containers

With Climate Shield coatings there is no freezing during winter and a pleasant indoor climate during summer despite high outside temperatures. At the workplace Climate Shield ensures a pleasantly tempered work and office environment.

room acoustics
Better acoustics in offices and ballrooms

The slightly rough surface structure reduces the sound reflection.

Rooms become much quieter. Climate Shield is often used in schools, kindergartens and lecture theaters.

Minimize storage losses

Climate Shield minimizes storage losses and saves air conditioning costs. Temperature fluctuations in silos and warehouses are improved.